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The Love Song - Sarah Dawn Finer (Instrumental)
With You By My Side - Sarah Dawn Finer (Instrumental)
Live Now Die Later - Miss Li - Instrumental
A bastard of love - GES - Instrumental
Jajamen - Rolandz - With choirs
Weak - Victor Leksell - Instrumental
Hold My Heart - Björn Skifs (Instrumental)
I Do - The Heirs
I Do - The Heirs
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A Bed of Roses - Darin - Instrumental
For Love's Skull - Ted Gärdestad (Instrumental)
Love Is Eternal - Lena Philipsson (With choirs)
Through Fire And Water - Sarek (With Choirs)
Children of Love - Linda Bengtzing (Instrumental)
Love Brought Us Together - Ulf Lundell (Instrumental)

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