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City of Light - Tommy Körberg (Instrumental)
Torparrock - Sven-Ingvars (With choirs)
We Are Going - Tomas Ledin (With choirs)
Summer Is Short - Tomas Ledin (Instrumental)
Macken - Galenskaparna and After Shave (Instrumental)
Summer Times - Golden Times (With Choirs)
Stranger - Carola (With choirs)
Love Is Eternal - Lena Philipsson (With choirs)
Love Brought Us Together - Ulf Lundell (Instrumental)
Tommy Loves Me - Carola (With Choirs)
Mickey - Carola
Mickey - Carola
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Open Your Door - Tommy Nilsson (Instrumental)
Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley - Herreys (With Choirs)
Good Vibrations - Kikki Danielsson (With choirs)
Want You - Freestyle (With Choirs)
That's Life - Anita Lindblom (With choirs)

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